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One cloudy day, my grandpa and I headed to the hatchery in Bury, by the church. We go there to fish speckled trout. I have had lots of experience fishing with my grandpa. When we got there a woman asked my grandpa for two dollars and showed us where we could cast our lines. When we could to our section of the pond, we let our lines rip and waited patiently for a bite. Around the pond I could see: white dandelions, black pine tree reflecting against the water, fish bursting and spattering out of the wet mossy basin.

All of a sudden, I felt a tug and another, and another until there was a splash! The fish came out of the water with my hook lodged within his mouth. As soon as I saw that fish I just about fell over. To my surprise it was a 13-inch fish, my personal record. It was huge. As I snatched the fish, the sun popped out from beneath the haze and it was no longer cloudy. This day is particularly special to me because my grandpa is dead now. It is always a sad moment for me to remember, but a meaningful memory nonetheless.

Halloween Poem

Halloween Night

October 31st

Witches pretending to fly.

Ghosts attempting to haunt.

And Skeletons struggling to truly clickety-clack.

Children getting bags filled with tempting candy.

Costumes are roaming the town.

Those impostures are merely fakes of us.

We try and say hi from behind their shadows,

But they easily scurry away.

Us, witches, want candy, too.

While the vampires wouldn’t mind their “ tomato soup”.

With a snickety-snack and a rackety-rack,

The skeletons dance merrily behind the shack.

We make our own fun on Halloween night,

Partying away to our disco fright.